Friday, October 31, 2008

is this thing on?'s weird that i'm posting here. Xanga is dead, so maybe i can get my point across. I know Ashia will be proud, and she'll probably be the one that reminds me to post. I used Xanga for a long time. 3 or 4 years of steady post, and i dropped it, because i was touched by the Facebook plague.

Well, to start this thing off, for those of you that're unaware of who i am, and what i'm about:
I'm Julianna, and i wouldn't say i'm your average ordinary 17 year old. I'm different in a lot of ways. My style? It's my own. Sometimes it's following the crows, but mostly it's what makes ME happy. You can't be confident if your not happy, right? I have to remind my mother of that sometimes, but i don't use those direct words. My family? Daddy's girl, 100%. He's the man of my dreams. If you don't have OVER 50% of things in common with my daddy, it's just simply not going to work. My mom? A best friend, because we fight just like friends do, but we'd both do anything for each other. My brother? Well, me and Matt - - lets just say that relationship is a story in itself, so i'll get back to you.

i just erased a section on my outlooks on life. i'll save it for another day.

It's 12:48 as i type this, and i'm exhausted. Gotta wake up beiefly at 3am, but then it's back to sleep until i can't sleep any longer.

i wanna blacberry. 66 days.