Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Time of Christmas.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I did :)

Let's see if I can remember a re-cap for you...

Monday night, Megan, Hollie, & I had our "Christmas get-together". 

I gave my neice some toys too because (in case you didn't know) she IS family too. 
She loved the "dog", but not so crazy about the horse shoe. :)

Hollie helped Megan with the rotel, and we ate brownies and pigs in a blanket too!

Then a few other people showed up, and there was an intense game of Rockband. Hilarious. I wish I had video of the entire room singing "The Joker" and "Hotel California". Priceless.
Also neat that three out of these four are people I graduated with, and I love that we can still spend time together. Our last Christmas party consisted of this as well. ;)

My sweet, sweet niece & her Auntie Julianna!

Wednesday night, Clint came over to pick me up, and we snapped a few photos before we left. 

Last year we started a new "tradition" of going out to eat & exchanging gifts afterwards. It gives us a little while to catch up on details, since it's sometimes hard to do that over text messaging! Ha.

We went to StrangeBrew, picked up some coffee, and rode through the refuge on the way home. 

He (said he) loved his affliction shirt, and I am SUPER excited about my Vintage Pearl necklace in the mail! Cannot wait.

Saturday morning we had Christmas with the immediate family, and I talked Matt into taking a photo with me on the front porch, and as I look at it - I'm still wondering how one of us didn't end up with a black eye. He's not for photos with his little sis, but we look so darn happy ;)

& Mimi was there to grab one of the four of us. It's been a long time since our front porch was the scene of a Christmas photo opportunity.

We went to Mimi's for lunch, and Robbie & Nannie and the boys were there.
(We're having Christmas with Jay Thursday)

My sweet, sweet cousins.

and my sweet, sweet parents. 


It's been a great week, but I always hate saying bye to Clint for the last time. 
We did that last night, and he is almost safely "home", or he will be within the next 2 hours.

Each Christmas allows me to become more apparent of how special my family really is to me. There are some that I still wish were here, but dwelling on that gets us no where. It is finding the strength to move on from it, while remembering them in the most precious way, and being thankful for the time I have to spend with them. 
I am truly blessed, and I should remind myself more often than I do now.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

December Favorites...

I love reading Cleared for Takeoff because Katie's sense of humor cracks me up, and I was catching up on blogs today when I noticed that she did a "December Favorites" and I thought it would be fun! 

So, here ya go! 

Maybe I should call it "December LOVES" instead of favorites because I feel like I'll end up saying "I love..." entirely too much. Prepare yourself. You've been warned.

I love the Silk Infusion because it smells delicious, and it really gives my hair a healthy looking shine without making it oily or gross. Some products like this (to me) are too heavy, but I've used this one for almost 3 years. We have a bond like no other. My other hair products change daily, but not this one.

I am IN LOVE with this mascara. It has a plastic applicator, and that's all I've really ever used because the brushes make my lashes clump together, and eye makeup is my favorite product, so when I tried this the first time, it amazed me. You can use the vibration to make your lashes separate more, and that's neat too.

Speaking of eyes, I got this palette not too long ago, and I threw all my other shadow away.... Okay, so I didn't, but I could have. This is the Coastal Scents 88 Warm Palette, and it has shades anywhere from BLACK to dark brown. Love it. & It's only around 16.00 - which beats having to pay 8.00 a piece for 4 shades in a quad set. (If you ask me...)

I keep this in my purse, and it serves as a chapstick/gloss. It's not too glossy (so I guess I shouldn't say it's a gloss...but, my blog - my rules), but it gives your lips a nice shine without having a thick lipstick on, and it is a very subtle color too. Love it, really.

Sally Hanson Cherry Red 07 is an amazing shade of red. I think red nails are timeless.

My inner child came out on this one, but I have been in the coloring mood, and this coloring book really amuses me. I think I colored for 3 hours the other day. I still haven't finished one page yet. They're huge!
(Great Christmas gifts too, they're only 5.00 at Wally World.)

Cannot stop listening to this CD. Amazing. Love, love, love.

I turn this on while editing sessions or cleaning up my room after the little elves trash it (because clearly I couldn't mess up my room as often as it gets messed up), and I could listen all day. They're really good about playing a variety of country music, and the commercials all revolve around country music - not avertisement about silly things. 

I am not getting paid to review any of these products, but I wish I could tell you that I was =)

If you decide to do a "December Favorites" go over to Katie's blog (link at the top) and post a comment letting her know you participated!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

little project...

I try to change out my chalkboard that I have hanging in my room, and I know i've showed it to ya'll before, but I did (somewhat of...) a "tutorial" on how I made mine for Christmas.

Warning: this has potential to be extremely confusing/boring. :)

"prime" your chalkboard. (ha)

this requires a wet rag.

grab your sidewalk chalk. 
(this came from Freds, but you can get it anywhere.)

I started at the top left corner with one circle. 
start from the outside of the circle & work your way inside to fill it in.
under that, add 2 more,
under 2, add three,
and so on...

on the smaller one, I started at the base of the top tree and made a smaller "ball",
filling them in the same way as you did the top.
you can make this tree as thick or thin as you'd like. I went with a smaller size for this one.

after that, make the base of your tree. I started out slim at the top, and I made the base a little thicker. 
write "Merry Christmas" or whatever you'd like.
Then, I filled in the boring areas with polka dots (yellow & white) and "stars" (that's such a loose term for whatever those are! Ha!)



also, I painted my nails today to "get in the spirit".

ignore my gross fingers. 
I used:

 Sally Hanson 07 Cherry Red
& Art Deco in Green.

I primed my nails & after-coated them with:

Sally Hanson Maximum Growth (clear coat)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

double post...

This is my art final for those of you who wanted to see the finished version.
I could have worked a LOT harder on it, but I waited 'til the last minute..of course!

Anyway, it was all done in pencil (Mostly HB or B pencils, for those who care)
It is a form of metamorphosis, but it is a very loose replica of metamorphism. 

I took paisleys and "metamorphosed" them into something else,
can you tell what it is?

...Hollie, don't give it away =)

also, sorry about the quality (again). I'm getting in a bad habit of using my iPod.

Also, scroll down to view my Christmas Decoration post if you haven't all ready!

Have a HAPPY Monday! 
2 days until finals are finished, 
and 6 days until my favorite Marine comes home! 

Deck the Halls...

Let me first start by saying that I believe I decided to photograph the (outside) decorations on the windiest day of the year. Seriously. 
Last night our temperatures dropped dramatically, where once we were gasping for air - now we are expecting single digit temps! 

Ok, so I exagerated a little about the "gasping for air" but it was hot for December.

Moving on, since I am (nor will never be) a meteorologist, let me start..

Persons' Christmas 2010

click photos at any point to enlarge

This is the entrance to "the back" as we call it. Opening this door will take you into our living room area, which is mainly what is decorated during the season. 

this is a planter & flag by the carport, not sure where any of this was purchased.. Sorry :)

This is our "cottage" that mainly serves as an attic type place. (Excuse the trash can, ha! It holds the dog food...just keepin' it real)

this would be to the left of the photo above, just some yard pretties.

the back patio is Mom's favorite to decorate, although no one see's it, you can view it from the kitchen window, and she spends a lot of time in the kitchen, so she enjoys this.

We hung the ornaments from a naked crepe myrtle tree for the first time this year, and I really like it. It's 

Mom loves rabbits, and I made this wreath a couple of years ago to go on the kitchen table. We've since changed it out, so this is on the patio now.

Front door decorations, and I love them at night.

Our tree is a "Diet Tree" =) Kidding, but it is tall & slim unlike most tall & fat ones. We used to have one like that,  but in the last few years, we have used this one. It's just more convenient and doesn't require re-arranging the entire "back".

We used to have a sillouhette Nativity Scene, but now Willow Tree has taken over. I absolutely LOVE Willow Tree, and eventually I want Mamma to have them all =) That's usually a gift for her birthday that I get her, and they have one for everything!

The computer desk is just lightly decorated with a sit around tree & snowman.. and a backround, of course!

the counter is decorated mainly in polka dots. I do know that the mugs came (on sale) from Kirklands, and the platter was a Christmas gift, I believe.

Window decorations are simple "branches" with ornaments and hanging snowflakes.

the Christmas Carolers will always mean that it's Christmastime for me.
I don't really like the movie "A Christmas Carol", but I love the Carolers representing the story.

Right inside the door to the right stands this table with a coaster, spool Santas, a Christmas platter, and Mrs. Claus (who looks decapitated here - Oops) on the bottom shelf. 

Right inside the door stands the "foyer" (friends who have been in here, can this even qualify as a foyer?? I don't think so, but I didn't know what you'd call it. Entrance?) Anyway, the reindeer came from BAM and it was 9.99! Disregard the gun, it isn't part of Christmas decor, just everyday decor =)  

This is the bathroom decoration, and it changes yearly. =) 

This hangs on the bathroom window.

The tv stand decorations are slim, but there are the Carolers again, and on the other side are three candle stands with three ornaments below.

...annnd the rest of the Caroler family.

Last, but not least, the stockings that my Nannie made for us years ago. The only stocking I've ever had, and I love them because they are timeless and traditional. =)

That's all. 

Thank you for "touring" our decorations this year!

Also, I should inform you that I take no credit AT ALL for this. All I did was photograph it 5 minutes ago. Mom decorated a lot while Daddy & I were gone, and she just asked for my opinion (she may call it criticism from time to time...) She did good.

If you decide to post your decorations, comment with your blog link! 

Link to Kelly's Korner too! She's doing a Tour of Homes! Go check out everyone's decorations!

Also! Check out Mrs. Karen's home. She has a beautiful one, and she is so creative! 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Dear Readers, I can explain...

Hello, All.!
I have not fallen off of the blogging map. The truth is, I have a hard time blogging about my "day to day" adventures because they rarely change. 

I'm finding out that I like a routine. I have gotten into one during this semester, and I have a feeling that getting used to a new one is really going to throw me for a loop, but I normally don't have too big of a problem with change. We'll see.

Finals start tomorrow and continue through Monday & Tuesday. I made it through Biology I without having to take the final, hallelujah! I also made it through my drawing final as well. (Maybe i'll post a photo of my final project if ya'll are interested in seeing it). 

The truth is, I've just been sidetracked this week. We've had tests or due dates in every class, and I've been working on a website as well. Yes, I said it, and yes, I broke down and created myself one. 
I'm not sure if this was a wise investment or a waste, but right now i'm excited about it. I will post the link to either my Facebook (photography page, the "link" for that is to your left) or I will blog the link, so you can view it directly from here. I'm still working out a few kinks, and it is not nearly as artsy as I would like for it to be, but hey - it's a name, it's "official" (to me), and it's a start.

I hope all of you are enjoying the Christmas season.

I plan on doing a few Christmas posts with traditions, and I thought about doing a home tour of the decorations, but ya'll can let me know if you're interested in that as well.!

I look forward to reading your comments.
Have a great weekend.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Friday: Aftermath...

(all images today are from my iTouch, so please disregard the quality!)

November 26, 2010

I really don't know if everyone is like this or if i'm the only one, but I have a problem letting go. It doesn't have to be people but the present. Watching a moment leave me and not being able to get it back is always hard for me. 

Daddy & I woke up at 3:30, packed our last few things, and Macy took us to the airport. Once we got there, Macy told me that he enjoyed the week, and he congratulated me on my hunt. I went to shake his hand, not wanting to over-bear him with a hug, but he reached over around my neck and hugged me. 

We've built a relationship with their family, one of generosity & kindness, one of selflessness & laughs;
one that I, myself, will never forget

As we pulled out of that airport, the rush of departure hit me like it hadn't any other time. 
It was a rush I can't explain.

I was really tired at that point and ready to come home. I had my purse in my lap, and it slipped into the darkness of the floor board. Aggravated and tired, I shuffled around to find what had fallen out. My iPod was the only thing light would allow me to see, so I placed it in my purse, zipped it back, and fell asleep. once we landed in Billings, I grabbed my bags and made my way out, following Daddy inside. 
Then, I went to look for my phone and couldn't place it. I walked back down the terminal and asked the lady to look for me, and she did. No luck.

I was not a happy camper! I pouted and fussed for over an hour (my pooor, poooor Daddy). We went back down to see if the lady was at the ticket counter boarding people for their next flight, and Daddy decided to make one last check through my bags (that I had already checked 14 times), and sure enough - he grabbed it out of my OPEN pocket in my camera bag. 
He's such an angel ;)

We had a long layover in Billings, but once we made it Minneapolis we were both hungry (pretzels and water doesn't fill a totally empty stomach, FYI! We did have a croissant and some orange juice this morning, though.) 

We took the AmTrak to our end of the airport, and when we walked in the door, there stood TGI Fridays. So, Daddy & I had an airport dinner date. 

We visited a few shops, bought a few gifts, and walked to the other end of the airport to our concourse. 

I type this on the plane, sitting next to Daddy playing solitare on my iPod. As we drove off the landing strip, he said,

"This is it.. The last time for awhile..

It hit me.

All i've been excited about since May is over. I have lived that dream this week, and i've made wonderful memories with my Daddy. I know that i'll always remember this week; it can never be taken away from me, but watching Minneapolis fall underneath me as we departed, I realized that letting go (for me) is harder than I thought

On a lighter note, I can't wait to see my Mamma, Mimi, Nannie, brother, and best friends. I have missed them dearly, and it's a wonderful feeling knowing I'm homeward bound to see the people who love me just as much as I love them. 

Thank you all for sharing this experience with me. I really can't say how thankful I am to have been given this opportunity, all I can really say is that I have the best parents one could ask for. They always do their best for Matt and I. 

I love you all.

"Don't let your last words be, ' I thought that we would have more time'; 
let them be, 'Didn't we have a great time?!'."