Thursday, March 19, 2009

thinks to myself - - what a wonderful world. <3

Spring Break has been here, and I haven't even thought about my blog. I've been reading others, but not taking heed to the fact that mine was ..being neglected! So, here goes.

Dear you,
i'm confused, unsure, and this is not enjoyable for me.
Please do me a favor & UN-confuse me.

we had our play (may post pictures at a later date) - it went well, I guess. We all had a pretty good time, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. A lot of complaining went on about the practices & all the other things that come with doing a play, but I believe everyone was happy they had participated. Those are memories we'll always have together. After the play, we stayed at the camphouse in Shuqualak, that's always fun! It's good to get outta town, even if it's still CLOSE - - i'd rather not be TOO far from civilization.

NO SCHOOL! It was rainy & gross. We woke up at about 9:00 (yes, believe it or not, no school & still got up fairly early to've stayed up until almost 3) and Hollie and I went to Columbus. We spent most of the day there, ate at the new McAlisters, shopped around, and came back to town. I watched my episode of Greys that I had missed Thursday, and then Shea came to get me. We rode around for the remainder of the day. (Still very nasty outside)

What DID I do Saturday? -- OH! I got up and went to Mimi's, had lunch with her & Mamma. We just lazied around her house for most of the day. Mr. Glenn's birthday was Saturday, so Mrs. Sandra was cooking supper for him. Shea asked me to come & eat, and of course I was excited. I always enjoy the time I have to spend with his family, they've found a special place in my heart -- and we haven't even been dating for very long. I get attached easily, ha ha. We ate pork chops, creamed potatoes, peas, salad, and german chocolate cake. MMMM. Yes, it was great! I got to meet his SWEET grandmother, Mrs. Hardy. We spent some time with them, and left at around 8:30.

Church day. After church, Hollie & I ate lunch (as usual - -would hate to ruin a "tradition") - - at Parade.. That girl LOVES Parade. No need to ask her where she wants to go, on Sundays after church, my vehicle is set on auto-pilot all the way to the Parade parking lot! We enjoyed catching up for awhile, and then she went home, as did I. Shea came over around 3:00, and we watched "The Valley of Light". It is an AMAZING Hallmark movie about a fisherman & a little boy. I enjoyed it, I didn't know he had seen it until halfway through:
"Do you like it?" -me.
"Yeah! I've seen it." -him. kidding? Hmph. -- later, we rode around. Sunday afternoons are soo peaceful, calm, and worryless (if that's even a word). I love them!

I cleaned my drawers out, made room for everything, and cleaned my closet (well, the shoes) out too. I always feel better after cleaning, it's just getting up the motivation to actually DO IT that's so hard! Shea came over later, and we just hung around the house with Mamma & Daddy. We watched American Idol. I was VERY impressed by: Danny, Michael, Scott, and Kris Allen. Scott stole my heart from the beginning, as did Danny. Michael's voice (in my opinion) is what country music NEEDS. Kris Allen -- he's just a cutie with a voice; and see ya later, Alexis Grace, I never liked ya anyway!

I cannot remember Tuesday at all, during the day. I know that I cooked - - - BAKED, actually. Cooking (I guess) would be a "meal" , and baking (I GUESS) would be...desserts? Yeah, well anyway; I baked something like a blonde brownie (aka: blondies) They had: walnuts & white chocolate chips in them. You serve them warm with a maple syrup on top (but I just used caramel) - everyone in my family loved it. Here's what it looks like:

Everyone seemed to enjoy it. Shea told me he "could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and supper, so if this was all I learned to cook - - it would be OK! - - we may have to cut the door a little wider so I can fit in, but hey, whatever works!" (We'll talk about my cooking delima another time.) I know I drove my mother CRAZY in the kitchen, because she was trying to cook supper (and talk me through that) and I was baking -- trying to be conservative of bowls (because I know what it's like for someone to come in the kicthen and use ALL the bowls and expect ME to clean them!) Even though I was driving her bonkers, we enjoyed ourselves. I could get used to being in the kitchen with her.
I went to Hollie's house and helped her clean out her room around 10:45, I left at 12:15.

Mom wakes me up at 9:00 to clean out one of our garage areas. My grandma Jessie, who died when I was younger, had SO many dishes, SO many knick-knacks, SO much STUFF in her house & most of it ended up in boxes in the garage. Me & Daddy went through a lot of it, and helped Mamma straighten up. I went to Factory Connection (got a cute skirt!), ran some errands for Mamma, and then chilled for the rest of the day. Megan came over & we made a CD. Then, of course, we had to ride around and listen to it! Shea came over, but he couldn't stay too long!

Today, me & Mamma set off to shop for the day. We had a good day! When I say good, I mean I got: new purse, new shoes (4 pair), 6 skirts, and 4 shirts, and a scarf - - amd some pretty GREAT deals on ALL of it. We spent all day shopping, then we came home and I started baking. Tonight I baked a little thing that i'm going to call "Headache". Not because it was complicated, but because if you ate enough (shoot, you could probably LOOK at it for longer than 10 minutes) you would have a headache - - - from ALL the CHOCOLATE! This one requires: brownie mix, cookie dough mix, chocolate chips, & heavy cream. This is what it looked like:
The family enjoyed this ALSO. Shea said, "I could eat the entire pan." So, 2 things down..Now I just need to start cooking REAL meals.

I guess everyone's got to start somewhere.!

What's next on my "baking agenda"? Hmm.. Maybe..

Chocolate Chip Pie. Yum?

I hope you all have a LOVELY rest-of-Spring-Break!

Other great news, I got the JOY o f seeing Ashia's "little peanut" today, (a sonogram, of course) and it just put a SMILE ON MY FACE! I cannot wait for that sweet baby to be here. (:

If any of you are looking for a good movie to watch, here's my suggestion:

- truly an amazing movie. As a matter of fact, I think i'll go watch it now. Here's the story of the movie. I figured a website could tell it better than me.

As much as I obsessed, I almost forgot -- TWILIGHT IS COMING OUT TOMORROW AT 12:01!!!! So, yes, of course, as of now, Shea & I are planning to be there to get it, at 12:01. Oh the things he does to steal my heart. (:

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

& so, the lion fell in love with the lamb..

i promise there is a post coming...soon.

brief update..

i had every intention of writing a "good" post, until my nyquil set in. This stuff can seriously knock me off my feet! I was raring to go 20 minutes ago, and now i can barely sit up!
why nyquil? ..i've caught the: "croop", "crud", YUCK!

this weekend, nothing went on. We (Shea & I) stayed home due to the pink eye. He didn't have it, I did. Can you believe he didn't catch it after being around me while I had it for 3 days? He was a trooper through the whole deal. I figured i'd scare him with no makeup, but he never said anything except for, "you still look pretty.." that could've been a fib :) He'd let me fall asleep on his shoulder & never once wake me up by tickling me, which is what he usually finds QUITE hilarious. He was just the most precious thing, all weekend long. I am so thankful to have him in my life.

Next, this is Kendall's blog that she's started to keep everyone up-to-date about Caroline. I'm sure everyone reading my blog knows about the situation that Mr. Vance & Corrin are in with their precious daughter, but this will keep you up to date with the latest news. Please keep them in your prayers!

Exams are finishing up for the Junior class tomorrow! Yippah! I'm very excited about Spring Break!

"Before his second year of college, I was barely seventeen.
He was haulin' hay, an' I brought him a glass of tea.
To a farm boy from Mississippi, you were small town girl,
An' every young man's dream in cut-off jeans, with that Homecoming Queen smile.
I were makin' fun of his farmer's tan an' he was lettin' me.
An' fightin' bull in the July heat, tryin' to keep his cool.
An' the prairie wind sang while the dust devils danced.
It just got hotter as the summer passed.
An' that first kiss stole our breath away.
An' the breeze died down as our hearts surrendered.
The moonlight shattered as it crashed on the river.
We both knew we'd never be the same:'

Cause love changes everything."

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

but what he gave her came from the heart, a bond that could never be torn apart..

A blog needs to be written, i just don't have it in me.

Exams are next week, the play is next week, and after next thursday..freedom will be given to us. Freaking yay for Spring Break.

I'll let this post be an update, sorry for not feeling philosophical - - again, i know.

Marlee, baby - is feeling a little better. She's still on antibiotics (suffering from a kidney infection, nothing major..thankfully) She has been in better spirits for the last 2 or 3 days, but right now she's mad at Ruger. Ruger has a barking issue, you see. So, daddy bought a "trance-thing" (i'm not sure of the proper name for it) to see if this would cease it. It is in the form of a bird house (weird, huh?) and you just aim it towards the problem, and everytime it picks up a bark, it sends out a high-pitched noise that only dogs can hear. Daddy put it in, and when i went to feed him, he was in the corner of the pen. Daddy even said that our neighbors dog had shut up! ..Marlee is mad because she has to listen to the noise, and it's because of her crazy, barking cousin.

Frankie, darlin - is such a happy fishy! Many of you have been asking about him & he's grand! I changed his water saturday, and I put him in the new water, and he took a nap. I woke up this morning to find that (i believe) he's making a bubble nest. They look similar to this:

cool, huh? If it continues to build, i'll take a picture of his & post it sometime. I'm thinking that Frankie needs a Francis, SOON. I just don't have time to go get her. It's either softball or play practice. I want Francis to look like this:
white's pretty, don't you think?

"i haven't seen you hardly all week. I'm gonna tickle you til you scream."
- - ohh boy.

this song has been STUCK in my head all week, i don't know why.

Natalie Wood gave her heart to James Dean
The high school rebel and the teenage queen
Standin together in an angry world
One boy fightin for one girl
I wanna be loved like that,
I wanna be loved like that
A promise you can't take back
If you're gonna love me
I wanna be loved like that
Daddy never gave Momma a diamond ring
But Momma never wanted for anything
But what he gave her it came from the heart
In a bond that was never torn apart
An old man kneeling all alone
Plants his flowers in a garden of stone
For seven years now she's been gone
And his devotion is still goin strong.
I wanna be loved like that,
A promise you can't take back.
If you're gonna love me,
I wanna be loved like that.

& now that i've bored you to tears, goodnight.. pray for a more productive & intellectual post next time (:


CONGRATULATIONS, Ashia & Ben! I have been wanting to post this, now i can! I'm soo soo happy for you! I know both of you will be fun, loving, great parents. I'm looking forward to meeting your little one! (: I love ya'll both.