Monday, February 28, 2011

February Favorites...

I am going to start with a favorite I haven't done before, and it is "Favorite YouTube Video". I feel like I should include YouTube because I watch videos ALL the time! Music videos of people making covers of my favorite songs are some of my favorites to watch, but this one... Well, this one has a story.

If you watch American Idol, go ahead and skip over this prologue for the video, and start watching. If not: tune in!
Chris Medena, and his girlfriend, Juliana, were engaged at her workplace in 2007. They planned to wait 2 years to marry, but Juliana was in a car accident and suffered a major brain injury.
She is now able to walk with assistance, but she has suffered severely. Her words are mutters that only Chris and few other people can understand.
When most people would have run from the situation, Chris stood close by Juliana's side. He still loves her, cares for her, and he plans to marry her.
When Chris auditioned, Steven Tyler loved it. Here is what he told Juliana once she was brought in the room,“I just heard your fiance sing and he’s so good. -You know, ‘cause he sings to you all the time, I could tell. Love that… That’s why he sings so good – because he sings to you.
Unfortunately, Chris didn't make it into the top 25, but he DOES have a video out now. Although I just heard it yesterday, I love it. It is so sincere. So, here you go:

OPI Black Shatter

OPI_Black_Shatter.JPG.jpg RevlonGrapeIcy.jpg
I'm pretty much a fan of all things unique, so that sums up Black Shatter favorite. As far as the Revlon Scented Grape Icey? Yeah, I don't know, but for some reason. My nails love it, and they won't let me wear any other color. Weird?


Between loving Denzel as an actor and Chris Pine's eyes, there's really nothing to NOT like about this movie (except, maybe if you have blood pressure issues, you MIGHT want to keep your brown paper sack close by, or your oxygen tank). I loved this movie!


LOVE this song. The lyrics are sooo amazing. *ps - for those of you who wondered if my love for Mumford & Sons would last - IT DID. I'm crazy about them now, and needless to say, my friends are too crazy about me being crazy about them! Ha!


I just started using this, but so far - so good. It just evens out my powder, and I'm not really a fan of base, so it seems like a good alternative.


Hollie is mainly to blame for me even knowing about this recipe, but I made them on my own for Megan a few weeks ago, and now I'm stuck. It seems like every Sunday or Wednesday I'm making a batch. They are SO easy and SO good.
1/2 cup oil (you're supposed to use a cup, but I like mine better with a 1/2 cup)
2 eggs
add chocolate chips
bake for 8 minutes on 350.


this is probably my favorite photo from the month, simply because I LOVED the snow. I loved that for the first time in probably 10 years I was building a snowman in my front yard, and not only that -- Noah & Nason were there to do that with us. It was fun, and hopefully when they look back and remember the snow & the time they spent in it, a memory of the time spent with some of their family will fall through their minds.

Only the last photo is mine. I used all other images from Google searches. I take no credit for those photos.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What have I enjoyed today? / Pioneer Woman Mention...

Thanks for asking!

Reasons that I've enjoyed today:

Today has been beautiful.

Come to think of it, the weather over the last few weeks has been beautiful.
I love weather, though.

I don't know many people who absolutely LOVE rain. Granted, I don't like the bottoms of my jeans to be soaking wet, and I'd prefer not to have to walk to class it in, but a good Sunday or Saturday rain? You can't beat it. Rain at night is also an instant lullaby for me.

The snow was so innocent & white, too. I hate ruining it by the touch of the soles of my shoes, or by the marks of a four wheeler tire, but it is irresistible. I love the crisp air, and the site of the snow falling all around me. I love how the snow seems to bring out ones inner child, especially around these parts. When it snows, you're whatever age you want to be. I love how it confines us to one area, and even when most people feel trapped while being confined - I temporarily enjoy it. Cabin fever will set in eventually, but around the time it does - the snow melts anyway.

I also love days like today. The days that make you wish the sun was never made to go down, and the wind was never meant to cease its breeze. I love these days when you can't imagine bad weather: snow, sleet, ice, hail, ran, tornados, thunder, lightening - because it all seems impossible that blue skies could fill with such darkness. I love days like to today because they're encouraging enough to remind me that a new time is near. This is only a season in this year.

Music adds instruments to my life story.


Seriously, it seems like no mattter WHAT is going on in a second of my life, there is a song about it.
The main ones singing about my life right now are Mumford & Sons. I loved their popular song, but once I heard them on the Grammy's, I decided that I ultimately loved their actual voice, and their instrumental diversity compared to many other recording artists. Yes, they may seem like a typical Alternative band, and I guess in some ways they are, but they don't fall into the same category to me as some artists do (Ex: Goo Goo Dolls, The Fray). Granted, this is solely my opinion, but they stand out. Some may say it's because they're just plain weird, but me? I say it's because they're different in an amazing way. It may be their English accents, but I read in an article about them that they "are making music that matters without taking themselves too seriously." (SN: If you're curious about what song I am LOVING right now, it's called "White Blank Page", and I more than likely have/will add it to my music queue at the bottom of my blog, so search & play it.)

Valentines Day is 364 days away.


I despise V-Day, and so thinking that it's that far away from now is comforting to me for some reason, and that's good for today to be a GREAT day.


for all of you who know about The Pioneer Woman (and for those who don't, check her out! Amazing photographer, cook, and woman in general!) I thought I would share with you...

She hosts Pioneer Woman Photography Assignments randomly throughout the course of the year, and she always has a different theme. I got interested in them about a year ago, and I started entering soon after that. This week's topic was on "Love", and I entered this photo:

taken at Tyson & Brandi Smith's wedding, October 2010.

It just so happened to be mentioned today, and I am awestruck, thankful, and shocked! She is phenomenal, and to have a photo of mine catch her eye means the WORLD to me. I am so grateful, and I [not so secretly] wish I could hug her neck for that! 

If you want to see the entire group (AND I encourage you to check out the rest) Here is the link. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

snow again, snow again, jiggity jig.

We had been hearing of snow for around a week, but everyone kind of ignored the fact because last time  we all got our hopes up & it didn't even really snow. 
So, Wednesday I was leaving for class and I checked the weather on my phone.
Then, I checked the weather again (in other words, I called Meteorologist Bob - my daddy).

Sure enough, I was going to snow.

and it did. for awhile. 

So, we ate dinner, watched American Idol, and went outside.

It started with throwing snowballs at Matt, but he got a lead on us when we went inside to put on more clothes. He had a mound of snowballs made once we came back outside. So, we retreated to building a snowman in the front yard.

Our hands were so cold due to lack of gloves, so daddy retrieved these. Really? Surgical gloves? Don't knock 'em till you try them. Our hands weren't cold. 

Hannah, Matthew, and I.

Once we had had enough of snowman building, we decided to set out to get Noah & Nason. They're only two blocks away on a back street, so we loaded up the fourwheeler (literally) and made our way to their house. 

The four wheeler sounded like a great idea until the wind hit my face, and the snow hit me like tiny pellets. 

Not so fun after that. 

Nevertheless, we got the boys and they followed us back on their fourwheeler.

I loved that they came over & spent some time with us.
We were in the snow from around 8 'til 10:30ish.
We got Ruger out, and he loved the snow.

Nason making a snow angel.

Noah was throwing snowballs for Ruger to fetch.

and I got back in on the snowman action.

Nason planning a revenge on Noah, I'm sure.

My favorites :)


and again!

We decided on a cowboy theme for our little dude. And we were out of creative ideas when we found the spray paint. That sufficed for a face.

The gang.

Of course, I couldn't leave my sweet baby out. She whined & whined when Ruger was out, so I let her go for awhile. She didn't quite know what to think about the snow.

She had fun though.

She was in the midst of taking off. Sitting still is not on her list of things to do while she's out!

Enjoy the next few photos of the Mississippi snow.
We got somewhere around 5 inches, maybe.

And lastly, Noah & Nason's snowdeer!!

Matt also took a notion to wear my socks yesterday while we treated cabin fever by watching Free Willy.
Because Free Willy is a classic, in case you didn't know.

Monday, February 7, 2011

the big three-oh.

Thirty years ago today.. Bobby Persons & Pam Waid's life changed forever.
Thirty years ago today.. Bobby & Pam married their best friends.
Thirty years ago today.. Bobby & Pam began a journey of a lifetime.
Thirty years ago today.. Bobby & Pam stepped foot into a whole world.
Thirty years ago today.. Bobby & Pam made a commitment to each other.
Thirty years ago today.. Bobby watched Pam walk down the isle in her snow white dress.
Thirty years ago today.. Pam saw Bobby waiting at the end of that isle.
Thirty years ago today.. Bobby & Pam watched as their family and friends gathered for this special event.
Thirty years ago today.. Bobby & Pam stood amongst a crowd and vowed to never be apart.

Thirty years down the road.. Bobby & Pam are my father & mother and I couldn't be more thankful for the two of them. They have taught me through example what it is like to truly have a best friend who will never leave your side. My father has been a wonderful example of the personality I look for in a husband, and my mother has been the rock that I seek to be for my family one day. I hope that when I'm married with children, I will be able to show them love in the form that my parents have always shown to my brother & I.

Thank you for everything you do each & every day. 

Click here to see another post about Bobby & Pam, and a few photos from their "younger" days ;)