Thursday, July 28, 2011

what i loved about july...

Favorite time already! HERE. WE. Goooo!
(ps - I don't think anyone gets as excited about this as I.)


Covergirl: Hot Passion

Why? Um.. I don't rightly know, but I am trying to step out and be a little more bold. I feel like each time I put this on, I allow myself to dab just a tad more than the time before. 
I'm enjoying experimenting with new lipstick. I also tried the Milani Coral (can't remember the exact name) and I don't think Coral is a good route for me, unfortunately...

Revlon: Pink Sugar

When in doubt, go nude. 
Okay, that wasn't my best advice, but..with lips, why not?! 
Sure, it has a little pink to it, but this is so sheer. 
It has somewhat of a sparkle to it, also.

Naturally Upper Canada: Pressed Olive Avacado Lip Butter

I found this at Cracker Barrel last weekend, and I am IN love!!
I love all chap sticks, basically, (except for Black ChapStick and Yellow Carmex) so this is no huge surprise. What I love about it is that it is pressed and somewhat hard, but once you apply it, it seems to melt. It isn't greasy or too flavored, and it stays on well. 
It's also organic :)


I have been a slacker this month, but I have not neglected completely!

Orly: Primetime


It is like $.69 at Sally's, and your nails won't even know what a "chip" is. For real.

China Glaze: Pink Voltage (Neon)

It may not look very Neon-y here, but it is. I have worn this on my toes since I got it, and I wish I had it while we were at the beach. I love my toes with this color!! It's so much fun.


Philosophy: Purity 

Now, before you say "that junk is expensive"... I already know. I drool over the Philosophy line while I'm in Ulta because I love their product names, but I will NOT break down and buy a $32.00 facial cleanser.
Birchbox included a sample of this in this month's package, and while it smells a tad like hospital soap, it lathers soo well, and it is a very thin consistency.

Physicians Formula: Organic Wear Mascara

This does something outrageous to my eyelashes.
It also does something outrageous to my left eye (like, make it water uncontrollably? I look like I sprung an oil leak with it running down my cheek.)
Hm, that may have been somewhat of an exaggeration, but it does cause my eye to mysteriously water at random times which is highly unfortunate because I love the product.
*ps - you can "buy one get one free" with Organic Wear at Target now!
and Clearly, it's organic! :)

Aveeno: Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer 

I haven't ever used a tinted moisturizer until now, but I decided it would be a good investment since I don't like wearing foundation during the summer. So, I've been applying this, skipping moisturizer, and then using a setting powder. I love it! It isn't oily at all, not too much coverage, and it has an SPF too. 
ANNNND it's organic :)


Amika: Oil Treatment

I also got this in my June Birchbox, but I stuck it in my bag to take with me to Honduras as well as the beach in place of my heat protectant, and I love it. It is comparable to (*MY HOLY GRAIL ITEM*) Chi Serum, and although it is still in second place - I have enjoyed this stuff. It isn't too heavy on my hair, and it doesn't have too strong of a smell, either.


Cracker Barrel

Oh, don't get excited... I don't "loooove" the CB now, but I DO love their grilled chicken fingers.
More restaurants should offer them! 
I especially love their Honey Mustard. 
....and their Coca-Cola cake....

McDonalds: CinnaMelts

Okay, now I want to leave the computer abruptly, go get one of these babies, and slobber while eating it.
I'm really not kidding, I could eat this for every meal.
I. love. them.
WHY am I just now finding out how amazing they are?! 

moving on....


DKNY: Be Delicious

Yummy! It's such a fun, fruity summer scent! I don't own it, but I spray it everytime I see it in a store.
I found it 25 dollars cheaper on Amazon, but I haven't placed my order yet!!

Special K: Fruit Crisps / Strawberry

Like pop tarts?
On a diet?

If you answered yes to both of these questions, call now....

just run to the grocery & grab these.
because they're good.
and you can have 2 for 100 cals.
and you'll thank me.
and love me foreverrrr.

Lastly, my new favorite place to look at makeup sale racks.
and nail polish.
and travel size junk.

 I think I'm a makeup-nail polish hoarder who needs intense rehabilitation.
isn't the first step admitting??


"i love you" - eli young band
"one summer gone" - ashton shepherd
"dear God" - avenged sevenfold
"apologies" grace potter & the nocturnals
"gone" - ashley monroe

Memories of the Month:

We saw Aunt Mary at the beach, and we had dinner with her.

I went on my first deep sea fishing trip, and I can't wait to go back.

Daddy I & went out on the boat for the first time together.

Natalie & I played more rounds of UNO than I could begin to count.


Matt and Hannah got engaged on the beach this past Friday!


*none of these photos are mine, and i take no credit for any of them. 

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Saturday morning my day started off early as we pulled out for Mobile at 7:30, not before stopping at McDonalds to start my diet off right with a CinnaMelt (why didn't I know those were so amazing? There is a reason...), and then we were on our way!  

We wanted to eat some seafood if we were already going to be that close, plus Felix's is one of our favorite places, AND daddy had never eaten there, so we stopped by for lunch!

after lunch, we had to take some photos, duh.
So, enjoy these next few! 

Once we left there, we headed over to tour the battleship! 
Ya'll... I loved it. I spent most of my time just taking it in, everything daddy said, while trying to picture that point in time. 

GEEZ. I'll save my "America" spill for later....

this bird had obviously had a rough day.
I feel like him every once in awhile.

Enjoy these!

Now, this veteran, Col. Glen D. Frazier, marched the Bataan Death March & then spent time in Japanese POW camps. His pride for what he has done beams around him, and his faithfulness to our country astounds me. He has been voted one of America's best selling authors, and much of his income goes back to preserving the U.S.S Alabama and all of its features.
He is a hero, one who dug his own grave and escaped from enemy fire, and he is one we have to thank for the freedom we so often take for granted. 

I am so proud to be in this country.

"Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." - John 15:13

rollin' on the river...

Tuesday I didn't have work because my sweet little girls were at the beach for a wedding, and Hollie was babysitting them there, so Daddy & I decided to take the boat out on the river.  

We spent the latter part of the afternoon trolling around while bass fishing and just spending some quality time together.

These are some of my favorite memories. 
I love the simple breeze, the sun beaming down, the lush colors of the skies and trees surrounding the watter, but most of all I am thankful for a Daddy that enjoys these moments with me as well.

Each time we go out, I learn something new; whether it be about him, the outdoors, or life in general.
We could never catch a fish, and our time spent would never be wasted.  

"God saw everything that he had made, and indeed, it was very good." - Genesis 1:31

for all you snake lovers, 
as we were loading the boat, I just so happened to noticed this little skin of a fella! :) You all know me, and you know I love snakes, but I didn't see him - only his leftovers.

I didn't notice until I was editing that there are TWO skins, one just to the left of the long one. Ha!