Saturday, July 31, 2010

it's been awhile...

it's been awhile because nothing has been going on, really. 

 A couple of weeks ago, Megan & Kyle invited me to tag along with Hollie & Lyle to see Clay Walker in Jackson. The plan was for me to spend the night with Hollie & L at Hollie's cousin, Sarah's, house. 

 The concert was amazing!! It was Clay Walker & Joe Diffie, and it was held at Veterans Memorial Stadium. We all packed our lawn chairs (well, L brought me one) and we chilled out close to the stage!

 There was a nice breeze outside, so it wasn't too hot.

Right before Joe Diffie came out, it started to sprinkle!

BUT! Again, we were prepared! 

Prior to the concert, we spent most of the day lost, and then we ate at Olive Garden after going to the mall. After the concert, we searched for a Diary Queen for almost an hour, and we were re-routed twice. All in all, it was a long great day!

This past weekend we (Megan, Hollie, Kyle, & I) made our way down to the NC Fairgrounds for the US cover band. 

we stayed together at Megan's house, 

rode the ferris wheel (personal fave - except for the creep who was in charge of it),

the cliff hanger (also fun, but i almost chipped a tooth)

& had a great time!! 

That was the only opportunity that those two had to go to the fair because of class & tests, but I went with Claire & stayed with her Tuesday night. Luke Bryan was there, and it rained! We danced all night, and we had some good porch talks with a local band from there. 

Nothing much else has been going on. The remainder of my time has been spent in photography & painting, and I am VERY excited about some upcoming opportunities that have arisen through both fields! I am SO blessed with a wonderful life full of the BEST family & friends. 

How has your summer been?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


i have still been on a "painting kick", and I have added these photos to Facebook!!/photo.php?pid=30730555&id=1288530017&saved&fbid=1315404767047

 Check them out & if we are friends there, message me if you're interested.
if we're not, comment here and leave a way for me to get in touch with you!

Happy Week!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

creative kick.

These "creative kicks" usually don't last long, and i have to be inspired, but so far this one is pretty steady.
(Granted: it's only been two days...)

i used beads & buttons from my great grandmother and my grandmother's old jewelry boxes. You can't tell from this pic, but I nailed the photo to the board with some old rusty nails. 

there's a closer look.

this one looks a tad different, but the camera made the colors look funny. That's a 4x6 frame in the middle.

i have NOTHING for this to match, but it's one of my favorites.

this, of course though, is my favorite. :)

Happy weekend!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Under God, with liberty & justice...FOR ALL.

Half a century ago, two simple words

Declared a truth that's planted in our hearts
And every time the flag is raised

We've been honored to repeat the phrase

Under God America's been blessed.
Under God through every trial & test
We are sheltered by his mercy he chose to give
In privilege & abundance, this Nation lives.

Under God, Freedom has survived
Under God, we need to recognize
We're dependent on His goodness
Indebted to His care
Maybe more than any people anytime or anywhere
Still our only prayer is Under God

When we pledge allegiance now, it's Under God Those words have shaped the land that we hold dear Some insist it's not allowed To acknowledge that we need Him now But it has never been so clear

Under God, America's been blessed.
Under God, brought through every trial and test
We are sheltered by the mercy He chose to give

In privilege and abundance, this nation live

Under God, Freedom has survived
Under God, we need to recognize
We're dependent on His goodness
Indebted to His care Maybe more than any people anytime or anywhere
Still our only hope and prayer
Still our only hope and prayer is Under God

Under Go

What a better way to spend 4th of July morning church with my favorite Marine?
It's been since December!

This has been a great weekend after all. I had no idea he was coming until Wednesday night, and he wasn't for sure until Thursday! Praise the Lord he was allowed to come, and Praise the LORD he made it home safely!

Yesterday I was invited to the Brown house for lunch (hot dogs, hamburgers, homemade ice cream) and we all had a great time visiting! Thank you, Clint, for inviting me!! :)

Later, he left to go enjoy the sunshine & summertime at the lake, and I had a lazy afernoon in Crawford. It was the perfect day!

I really can't express to you what 4th of July means to me anymore, but I will say that I couldn't be more thankful for someone to be in my life that was the cause of my perspective change. I am so blessed to live in a free country, and I am thankful for the men & women who have served over all of these years leading up to today! God Bless the USA!!