Monday, April 27, 2009

no negative responses, thank you.

What do these people mean?
Who do they think they are?

"You people have done very well, and I am appreciative." - Coach Beall

I strongly believe that he is one person I'll never stop respecting, because in the midst of this [ridiculous, absurd, irresponsible, blah, blah] drama - he is the one encouraging us. He is the one making sure that we, as students, have not fallen too far from what is SUPPOSED to be going on at school.

What our community has is not a lot. Many people have fought hard for what we DO have, and some of them would roll over in their graves if they knew what was going on now. I believe we should respect that, drop this, pick up, and move on.

Monday, April 13, 2009

crazy tragic, sometimes almost magic, awful beautiful life. <3

It has been said that a grandmother holds our hands for a little while but our hearts forever. My grandmother has strength among her that I wish I could have. She loves unconditionally, and her passion overflows. For seventeen years of my life she has shown me these things about herself: strength, love, and passion.
My Mimi has endured a lot in her life. Every time I look at her, I see a beautiful life, a life that has been full of happiness, love, and laughter. She has given those things back to everyone she has come across too. Only two months apart from each other, she lost two very important people in her life, her husband and her mother. Her husband was her soul mate, and they were married forty-seven years. She lost her best friend, and she had lost her greatest influence in life.
PawPaw and Mimi dated from their eighth grade year until they were married. He liked for her to be home when he arrived, and she always had supper ready for him. Together they had three beautiful children, one of whom I am proud to call my mother. The other two are a supportive aunt and uncle. She taught them how to work hard, and how to believe in everything they do with all their heart. PawPaw had an influence on that as well.
On June 23, 2006, PawPaw passed away. I know it was one of the hardest days of her life, but she has been strong. She has held her head high and stood tall. Although I know she missed him by her side, his laughter filling the room, and his ocean blue eyes staring back at her, she rarely lets on. Yes, the grief overcomes her every once in awhile, but I believe that she draws strength from knowing that she will be with him again one day, she will dance with him in Heaven, and she will never have to leave his side.
Mimi is passionate about everything from her grandchildren to football. She is especially passionate about Mississippi State sports. She is either attending the game, or she’s listening to it. She is also passionate about fishing. I can remember when I was younger that all our Saturday afternoons would be spend on a pond bank catching bass and brim.
My grandmother loves unconditionally, and she is loved endlessly. She is a person you can always depend on, because no matter what the situation is, she is always there. She wants nothing more than for everyone in her family to be happy. She has always been a very selfless person, making sure everyone was satisfied before herself. She has blessed me by being my best friend. She has forever been there fore me, whether it was to listen to one of my “Pee-Wee Cheers” or to hear me cry on the other end of the phone. She has never once complained about listening to me, and I am forever grateful for her.

I love you, Mimi.! Thank you for everything. You have influenced me in ways that I may never be able to tell you, and I draw strength from YOUR strength. You are wise beyond words, and your advice has helped me overcome many, many things. I love you with my whole heart, and I cannot begin to thank you enough.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Just remember this, i'm in a better place; where soldiers live in peace & angels sing "Amazing Grace"..


I don't know if you're reading this, or if you even know
but someone really misses you, someone here below.
The way things are now are different in a way that's hard to explain,
I cannot put my finger on it, it's almost like a mind game.
You're supposed to be here, your presence should fill this room.
Your smile, your laughter, and even your humor too.
I wish the one that misses you had just one more chance to say,
"Good morning, I love you, have a good day."
That chance can't come anymore, the journey for you has ended;
the journey of life that is.
As we try hard to accept that each & everyday
you're up above in Heaven hearing us pray,
we will think of you now, and for years to come,
for you are not only a memory,
you're a life that has only begun.
I know the one that misses you would love to see your face,
would love to laugh with you once more,
Or tell you that you're their saving grace.
That can't happen and that's fine, but if you're reading this, please know - we all wish we had more time.