Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Wow. I was sitting here thinking of the many things i have to be thankful for, and I don't know where to begin.

*i'm thankful for my family. Just the other day I was sitting with my Mimi and we were talking about how valuable life really is, and how we take it for granted each and everyday. We were skimming over things that we should be thankful for in our family: good health, lots of love, etc. i'm thankful for the family time that I anticipate tomorrow, and for the hands that have prepared the food that hosts our conversations. Those hands have taught me all I know about cooking, which may not be a WHOLE lot right now, but we're slowly working on that!

*i'm thankful for the chance i have every afternoon to hunt. God is such an amazing artist, and the way He paints the trees with the colors, the evening sunset, and the way He has crafted every animal to serve a purpose, well, i'm just thankful to be able to take part in that. I'm also thankful for the father and brother who have shown me the ways to be out there and know what i'm doing; i'm very thankful for that.

*i'm thankful for my friends who have been there for me no matter what. I don't feel an urge to name them, for they know who they are. From it being a quick "Have a good day" or "I love you" text, to a call asking me to ride, to listen, for advice, etc. I'm thankful that I have friends that trust me and look to me for advice. I'm thankful that i can do that in return to them, and they answer their calls the same way i do.

*along those same lines, i'm thankful for the friends i have that serve our country. I'm thankful that they have chosen such an honorable vocation. I'm thankful to live in a free country with freedom of speech, religion, etc. Mostly though, i'm thankful for those friends of mine whose job is to make sure that those rights are kept the way they are.

*i'm thankful for the small town i live in, although the drama i could do without.

*i'm thankful for these moments that i'm given the privilege to capture God's artwork on camera because THAT can make my entire day.

*i'm thankful...for everything i'm gonna wish i would've posted, but that i have simply forgotten.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

When Duty Calls, a Strong Man Answers...

He is calm, he is quiet, he is proud.

He’s not one to do much to stand out of the crowd.
He doesn’t always say all that he can,
and that is what makes him a unique man.
His height is not short from where he speaks,
but even with his thoughts he could overlook the trees.
While he is tall, he is also slightly thin,
and resembling the pureness of angel wings is his skin.
You could dance in his eyes for they are fields of green,
and his head bears no hair, it is quite a scene!
His arms are round with muscle strength;
he is carried by legs of long length.
His dress is unique from day to day,
but looking during the week this is what it might say,
“United States Marine”, for that is his call,
and fully clothed in camouflage he can hardly be seen at all.
In a moment when I call to rant and rave,
he remains as calm as a man lying in a grave.
He sits, he listens, he nods his head,
he waits ‘til I’m finished to say what needs to be said.
He does not raise his voice, nor does he speak fast.
His words are true, and they are meant to last.
“Semper Fidelis is our motto, and I make it my creed.
I’m always here for you, anytime, no matter what the need.
Friends we have been through thick and thin.
Though I may be far away I’m here to protect and listen,
to help however I can.”
As he stands at attention, his face points straight ahead.
His footsteps are consistent, measured is his tread.
He has worked hard at his occupation,
and walks in a line with men of the same vocation.
He carries the flag for his platoon
and doesn’t talk because it’s against the rules.
So, not much is said unless he is called upon,
but in the moment that he is, all respect is won.
From day one of serving there
his strength has grown and he has learned to care
more about his country and having respect for it.
As he stands in his parade line many thoughts fill my head, and
I can’t help but wonder about what will be said.
When he is released on liberty,
I walk over to him, and that is when I speak.
“I’m just wondering how you’re so brave,
and even when you’re yelled at, your expression is never changed.”
He looks at with me with those sea green eyes,
he shakes his head a little and lets out a sigh.
“It’s what I’ve been called to do, you see.
I can’t tell you why, but it’s where I’m supposed to be.
With freedom there comes a price to pay,
and this is where I’m supposed to be working every day.
I awake in the mornings, lace my boots up tight,
go out to the field, and work until night.
Some days I can’t say I love it, but with my brothers there
the days aren’t so long, and the distance isn’t as hard to bear.”
He doesn’t have much to say, but he knows more than you may think.
While standing across the way, he may give you a wink
as if to say hello or even mentally speak
of things on his mind this week.
Sometimes the silence is too loud for me,
but he says the things he does in a way for me to see
that he really does love me, not only does he care,
but that he’s always there for me no matter where he goes or how long he stays,
his love follows me through the long days.
With us it does not matter, for it is always the same,
and his quiet strength encourages me, it takes away the pain.
He has conversations in his mind about how it all plays out.
“What does the future hold for me, and what’s life all about?
Where’s the furthest mile I’ll go,
and what’s my future to be like later down the road?
How many people will I meet along the way,
and just how long will I have to stay?”
He puts these questions aside for now because he knows it’s only about the vow he’s made for his country and for those who risk their lives every day.
He’s sure his unspoken questions will be answered in time
by the orders of his officers who will tell him where to toe the line.
He is tall, quiet, calm, and serene.
He guards his thoughts from all,
but he is the type to say what he means,
and he’s always there to help you up from a fall.
He knows he’s a part of the team,
a gear in a great moving machine.
He doesn’t like to on others lean,
always he is one to say what he means.
He sticks by his friends through thick and thin,

he helps them along the journey of life, there and back again.
He was made to serve our country,
and he certainly serves it well.
No matter what the situation is,
he has faith that right will prevail.